Hello, I'm Abel 👋

I'm a software engineer, technical writter, educator, and mentor. This is my Internet home.

I'm here to help. I learn in public and I can't wait to share my knowledge with the community. I consume from the web, but I also contribute to make it.

You can read my blog, view my lab, or drop me a ligne at news.abel at protonmail.com

- Latest

- Selected Projects

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    Covid-19 monitor

    This app is built with Angular 9 to track COVID-19 desease for the whole world

    Visit the project

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    Confusion Restaurante

    This project was about building a restaurant website that is responsive

    Visit the project

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    API Server

    Built the backend of the frontend app with Node and many packages including JWT

    Visit the project

Need more real world projects? Drop me a line here or visit my lab where I built software for or with my students