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CodeLand 2020 Went Remote Thanks to COVID-19

July 26, 2020

CodeLand is a community conference by DEV and CodeNewbies. It is usually a two-day in-person conference that takes place in New York city.

This year (2020), due to the pandemic of COVID-19, the conference took place online allowing many people outside US to attend. I was so lucky to attend it for the first time.

The goal of this year was to level you up, from home!

It was divided in two days of inspiring talks and hands-on workshops from some of our industry’s greatest teachers.


Around 12 hours of talks the first day (Thursday, July 23). Unfortunately I could not attend all of them, but ffortunatelythe replay is available.

Let’s me just ssummarize for you 2 or 3 of them.

Web Accessibility for Everyone by Mirinda Limonczenko

Accessibility lets anyone use web apps without restriction. The speaker went through a study case to show us how they’ve built Guide the Dogs for the Blind website.

We have mainly discussed how to design both for visually impaired and for blind. For the first category the topics where:

  • high color contrast,
  • dramatic hover states
  • option to raise contrast and text size

For the blind, the discussion was around screenreader software:

  • organized and navigable menu architecture,
  • elements grounded in context
  • images to enrich the experience.

You can find the talk here

The Art of Programming by Erika Heidi

I liked this talk! The main discussing topic here was: “is programming a science or an art?”


The second day was dedicated for workshops. And it was not free, the ticket was 25$.

I’m sorry, but I can’t talk much here as I did not attend. What I know is that it was well organized:

  • possibility to attend two workshop
  • 2.5 hour experiential sessions
  • class size of no larger than 30 individuals.

If you want to learn more about workshops, you can go here


Most of participants are from US, but what interrested me here was to see people around the world to join.

First of all myself from DRCongo, but also other from

Did you join the conference? Share with us.