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5 Reasons You Should Opt For CSS-in-JS Approach

July 06, 2020

Web Development has evolved too much these last years. I remember when I was learning it some years ago, they taught me about best practices, including separation of concerns. The dogma was good enough until component-based libraries or frameworks, like React came to break it.

Today, given the popularity of React (or other modern libraries or frameworks), you can style your components as you want. There are many styling approaaches out there such as dhhjjd

  • fdffd

Let’s descuss in more detail about CSS-in-JS approaches and why you should go for it.

CSS-in-JS: The Big Picture

Let’s discuss 5 reasons you should opt for this approach.

5 Good Reasons To Like CSS-in-JS Approach

-1- Confidence

-2- Painless Maintenance

-3- Enhanced Teamwork

-4- Fast Performance

-5- Dynamic Styling

CSS-in-JS libraries support all the important features of CSS (pre)processors like auto-prefixing. Plus, JavaScript offers most other features like mixins (functions) and variables natively.

Closing Thoughts


This article was completly inspired by a post by Max Stoiber, the creator of styled-components, dated in Feb 18, 2019. You can find it here.

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